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SIFU GOOD TEA | 醉鴦及冰糖陳皮普洱伏特加 × 龍年利是封套裝 (CNY Limited Edition)



今年龍年甲辰之年,師父好茶再次和文創大師練黑龍合作,推出【話走就走冰糖陳皮普洱伏特加× 龍年利是封套裝】!龍年限量版利是封同冰糖陳皮普洱伏特加的燙金包裝啱哂今個新年送禮自用,好有新年氣氛。


另外緊接情人節,師父好茶及Epoch Workshop聯乘的鴛鴦酒——「醉鴦」轉新包裝啦。這款特別調配的鴛鴦酒結合了港式茶走、冷萃咖啡、冧酒和咖啡酒,帶來一種獨特的口感和豐富層次風味體驗。

以五款斯里蘭卡錫蘭茶葉和深烘焙的哥倫比亞、巴西、黃金曼特寧咖啡為基底,茶走的濃郁和咖啡的深度在口中交織,這種結合不僅感受到茶和咖啡的平衡層次,更有獨特的回甘和餘韻。加入加勒比水手創作口感順滑的Sailor Jerry冧酒,香草肉桂和奶油的香氣加上少許太妃糖的口感,結合香氣濃郁的咖啡酒,和鴛鴦的基底是絕配,適合在冬天飲罷感受柔厚及溫潤口感。


「醉鴦」酒精含量為10% alc/vol.,只供滿18歲以上成年人享用,請適量飲用。 

This year, in the Year of the Dragon, SIFU GOOD TEA once again cooperates with the dark.kenjamin to launch [One for the Road- Rock Candy Tangerine Peel Pu’er Tea Cocktail× Year of the Dragon Rise Packet Set]! The Year of the Dragon limited edition red packets come in gold-stamped packaging with rock sugar and tangerine peel Pu'er vodka, so you can give them as gifts this New Year for your own use, so you can have a good New Year atmosphere.

Rock Candy Tangerine Peel Pu’er Tea Cocktail is based on orange Pu'er, with warm rock sugar, mixed with sour and sweet salty citrus and tangerine peel, and added with orange wine and vodka as a finish, bringing a citrus aroma that is both mellow and mild, with a tea aroma. Fragrant, warm and long rock sugar tangerine peel Pu'er vodka.

This Valentine's day, Sifu Good Tea and Epoch Workshop have once again collaborated to create a unique Yuen Yeung beverage called "Love Bird Elixir." This special blend combines Hong Kong-style milk tea, cold brew coffee, rum, and coffee liqueur to deliver a distinctive taste and a rich layered flavor experience.

Using a base of five Sri Lankan Ceylon tea leaves and dark-roasted Colombian,Brazilian & Golden Mandeheling coffee, the richness of the milk tea and the depth of the coffee intertwine in the mouth. This combination not only offers a balanced harmony between tea and coffee but also provides a unique aftertaste and lingering flavor. By adding Sailor Jerry rum, with the fragrant aroma of vanilla, cinnamon and cream, complemented by the intense aroma of coffee liqueur, it’s a perfect match with the smooth and mellow traditional Yuen Yeung, which is best to enjoy during the winter season.

"Lovebird Elixir" has an alcohol content of 10% alc/vol. It is only intended for consumption by individuals aged 18 and above. Please drink responsibly.


酒精含量: 8.5度


容量: 200ml
保存方法:雪櫃冷藏 0-4度

數量:1pack (20個)


Rock Candy Tangerine Peel Pu’er Tea Cocktail
Ingredients: Rock Candy, Tangerine peel, Tangerine Pu'er Tea, Triple Sec, Vodka
Capacity: 250ml
Shelf life: 90 days from the production date
Storage method: room-temperature and out of direct sunlight   
Drinking method: It can be drunk cold or soaked in hot water of 80 degrees or below to warm up
Alcohol content: 8.5

Lovebird Elixir

Capacity: 200ml
Shelf life: Up to 180 days from the production date
Storage method:Refrigerated at 0-4  

The Year of the Dragon limited edition red packets
Quantity: 1 pack (total 20)