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促銷 | Bike Clips | Black Brogue

HK$99.50 HK$199.00


這款來自 Ted Baker 的單車褲夾,確保你以時尚的方式到達目的地。 別緻的藍色內飾與黑色外觀相得益彰,簡單的扣在腳踝上,確保騎單車時褲子不會被夾住或弄髒。


Ensure you reach your destination in style with this charming Bike Trouser Clip from Ted Baker. The chic blue interior is wonderfully complemented with a black exterior, simple snap around your ankle to ensure trousers do not get caught or soiled whilst riding your bicycle.

The brogue effect elegantly includes a reflective strip, adding an element of safety to your outdoor adventures, a fashionable finish to any daily commute, this is a fabulous gift idea for any occasion.



產品尺寸: 7.5 x 40 厘米

 材質/成份: 人造皮



Item Dimensions: 7.5 x 40 cm

 Material/Component: Faux leather