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A5 Notebook with Sticky Notes | Linear Gem


The Linear Gem Notebook with Sticky Notes from Ted Baker will make a beautiful gift for any fan of sophisticated stationery. The front cover features the designer’s striking Linear Gem print of stunning uncut gemstones on a grey background and the phrase, ‘You’re Awesome’ embossed in rose gold. Inside the cover reveals five post it notes of varying pastel colour and size, entitled ‘I noted you from afar’, ‘word up’, ‘stuck on you’, ‘pencil me in’ with the final set detailed with the signature Ted Baker bow.

The right hand side of the book contains a separate notebook containing lined and cream pages, edged in rose gold entitled ‘Think Write Create’. The stunning stationery set is completed with a rose gold pencil and a gold elastic loop that holds the notebook together.


帶有Ted Baker便利貼的Linear Gem筆記本能滿足任何文具精品愛好者。封面採用設計師引人注目的線性寶石印花,在灰色背景上打造出令人驚豔的未切割寶石,以及玫瑰金壓花的「You’re Awesome」字樣。 裏面包括了五個不同顏色和大小的便利貼,標題為「I noted you from afar」、「word up」、「stuck on you」、「pencil me in」

裏面還有一個玫瑰金邊緣的筆記本,封面有「Think Write Create」的字樣


Size 尺寸:21 x 14.5 x 3 cm