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Camping Cutlery Tool - wood


The only tool you'll probably ever need by the campfire! Gentlemen's Hardware presents the Camping Cutlery Tool, a multi-functional and exceptionally durable cutlery tool with a fork, knife, spoon, corkscrew, bottle and can opener, as well as a short blade. The handiest of compact camping accessories, each stainless steel utensil folds neatly into a smart wooden handle, and the fork and spoon are detachable for mealtimes. The Camping Cutlery Tool comes in a Gentlemen's Hardware signature-style presentation box and makes the perfect gift for camping enthusiasts everywhere.

Size : 3.5 × 11 × 0.5 (cm)


營火晚會你可能需要用到的工具!Gentlemen's Hardware推出了野餐露營餐具工具系列,這是一款多功能並特別耐用的餐具工具,配有匙羹、叉子、刀子和開瓶器開罐器,還有一個短刀片。最小巧的緊湊型野營配件,每個不銹鋼器具整齊地摺疊成一個木製手柄,叉子和匙羹可於進餐時間拆卸使用。配有一個漂亮的禮盒,是各地露營愛好者的完美禮品。

尺寸: 3.5 × 11 × 0.5 (厘米)