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D125 - Celebrate Who you Are.


Say Happy Birthday! with the Quotables Quotable Card "Celebrate Who You Are". Great by itself, the thoughtful card makes a great addition to any gift.

Made in the United States and printed on recycled paper, the Quotables Quotable Cards measure 5"x 5", is blank on the inside and comes with a simple white envelope.

Size: 5 x 5 inches

說生日快樂! 使用Quotables Quotable Card "Celebrate Who You Are"。 用一張窩心的卡片你的禮物錦上添花。

Quotables Quotable Cards由美國製造,採用再生紙印製,尺寸為5"x 5",內部為空白,並附有一個簡單的白色信封。

尺吋: 5 x 5 吋