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Dog Pet Toy | Pretzel | 正價



這是一個椒鹽卷餅形狀的毛絨玩具,看起來就像一個真實大小的椒鹽卷餅。 椒鹽卷餅是一種起源於德國的烘烤食品。它也非常適合於投擲和攜帶玩具來玩。當拿著或咀嚼時,它會發出有趣的嘎吱聲,你的狗會喜歡聽。 它也被推薦作為特殊場合的禮物送給你的狗,如也建議在情人節或生日等特殊場合作為禮物送給你的狗。

This is a pretzel-shaped plush toy that looks just like a real-sized pretzel. Pretzels are a baked good that originated in Germany. They look great in photos, so be sure to use them on your social networking sites! It is also perfect for throwing and bringing toys to play with. When you hold or chew it, it makes a fun crunching sound that your dog will love to hear. It is also recommended as a gift for your dog on special occasions such as Valentine's Day or birthdays


尺寸: 2 x 14 x 17 厘米

材質/成分: 滌綸



Dimensions: 2 x 14 x 17  MM

Material / Components: polyester