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Grace Cole

Ginger Lily & Mandarin | Fragrant Diffuser


Grace Cole Signature Ginger Lily Reed Diffuser with the scent of exotic lily, ginger, bergamot and mandarin is a high-quality diffuser made with English craftsmanship and pure passion for the product. The unique composition and high quality of the perfume spreads a wonderfully immersive scent behind in every room of your house. The Grace Cole Ginger Lily Reed Diffuser has a long-lasting effect due to the high-quality sticks that are specially produced for the brand. The Ginger Lily Reed Diffuser is packed in a very luxurious and elegant package. This product contains no MIT, SLS, Parabens, Microplastics and is 100% animal-free.



Position reeds in scented oil and place in room of choice to slowly release our unique fragrance blends.