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IJUE | 玫瑰金白金冰翡翠懷古手鏈配紅寶石白鑽石




The design of this collection makes use of only one piece of jadeite

to signify the uniqueness of the owner.




Natural white ice jadeite bracelet, nostalgic diameter 12mm, thickness 3.5mm, weight 1.04g, with 0.02ct rubies and 0.09ct diamonds, set in 18K rose gold (1.36g), total length 18cm












一珏會在正常磨損下提供2年一般保修。如客人的產品碰巧損壞或丟失寶石,一珏將會免費修理該產品 (請客人保留保養卡)




Jewelry Care:


Please avoid cleaning with any form of chemical solution and use a clean dry cloth. Only gold and diamond jewelry can be cleaned with mild, diluted soapy water, while jadeite should be avoided. Rinse the mixture diluted with water and dry gently with a soft cloth.

Jade and jadeite jewelry should be handled with special care, as dropping or hard hitting the surface can cause shattering or cracking. Do not use any jewelry cleaners or household cleaners and avoid ultrasonic cleaners.


Special care should be taken to avoid getting jewelry in household chemicals such as bleach or ammonia, or wearing it in swimming pools containing chlorinated water.
These chemicals can cause color changes and even structural damage to jewelry.

warranty service

IJUE will provide a 2-year general warranty under normal wear and tear. If the customer's product happens to be damaged or missing gemstones, IJUE will repair the product for free (please remind to keep the maintenance card).

IJUE warranty does not cover custom products, naturally discolored products, or items that have been adjusted by a third party. Customers can contact IJUE to understand the situation first, and then return the item to IJUE, It will bear the return shipping cost.

IJUE reserves the right and discretion to reject any product that is not covered under warranty. Worn and irreparable items will not be included.