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ion-Sleeve | Le Petit Prince | Classic



PAPERY的ion-Sleeve 是一款多功能配件,可讓您的個人物品保持時尚。 簡約設計,手工縫製可水洗牛皮紙。

內襯採用 PAPERY 專有的 ionTEX 製成技術 - 一種創新的 RPET 織物,注入抗菌 SILVADURTM 930 FLEX 銀離子。 ionTEX 在織物上添加了持久的防禦屏障,有助於殺死放在功能袋中的物品上的病毒和細菌。


Where style meetings functionality. PAPERY’s
ionSleeve is a multi-function accessory that will keep you personal stuffs in style. Minimalistic design with hand stitched washable kraft paper.

Inner lining made with PAPERY’s proprietary ionTEX
technology - an innovative RPET fabric infused with anti-microbial SILVADURTM 930 FLEX silver ion. ionTEX adds a durable defense barrier on fabric, which helps kill off viruses and bacterias on the items that are put in the Omnipouch.



ionSleeve 銀離子多功能收納套特點:

• 多色提帶,自由搭配超過2400款組合
• 獨創ionTEX抗菌環保機能布材,疫情下亦能安心使用
• 水洗牛皮紙層,耐水環保
• 隔層設計讓袋內空間規劃秩序井然



ionSleeve Silver Ion Multifunctional Storage Sleeve Features:

• Multi-color straps, free to match more than 2400 combinations
• The original ionTEX antibacterial and environmentally friendly functional fabric can       be used with peace of mind during the epidemic
• Washed kraft paper layer, water resistant and environmentally friendly
• Compartment design keeps the space inside the bag in order