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Jellycat Amuseables

Jellycat Amuseables | Sweetsicle Elephant Soft Toy | 15cm | 正價



Jellycat 的可愛作品是毛絨玩具,充滿歡樂。 從農場朋友和叢林奔跑者到笑臉水果和蔬菜,每個角色都充滿個性,並為可玩耍的泰迪熊系列增添了亮眼的色彩。 坐在桌子上,依偎在嬰兒床上,或者在今天的冒險中跟隨,這張友好的面孔無疑是最好的朋友材料。


Jellycat possesses the power to make everything, even the most unexpected of things, super adorable, whether that’s a sausage or a bottle of juice turned into a cute soft toy. This time, the London-based brand turned its attention to the curious and ever-smiling kind of salamander that is the axolotl and designed Alice Axolotl. This squishy plush toy is decorated with fluffy ears, matched by a long fuzzy tail in a true axolotl fashion.