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Jellycat Amuseables

Jellycat Amuseables | Toadstool Soft Toy | 15cm | 正價



加入 Jellycat 最近發布的 Wild Nature 蘑菇,英國毛絨玩具愛好者夢想著 Amusable Toadstool 加入他們親切的集群。 它的魷魚莖頂部飾有絨面革手感、厚實的帽子和捲曲的褶邊,非常適合小腦袋靠在嬰兒床或嬰兒車裡,而柔軟的腿無論放在哪裡都能愉快地踢腿。 我們認為這是關於魔法森林、仙女和精靈的睡前故事的有趣補充。

Joining Jellycat’s recent release of the Wild Nature mushrooms, the British soft-toy aficionado dreams up the Amusable Toadstool to join their cordial cluster. Its squidgy stem is topped with a suede-feel, chunky hat and a curly frill, perfect for little heads to rest against in the cot or pram, and those cordy legs kick happily from wherever it sits. We reckon it’s a fun addition to bedtime stories about magical woods, fairies and elves.


尺寸: 15 x 10 厘米
製造國: 印尼
材質/成分: 聚酯纖維

Dimensions: 15 x 10 cm
Country of Manufacture: Indonesia
Material / Components: Polyester