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Jellycat Amuseables

Jellycat Amuseables | Toast Cross-body Bag | 19cm | 正價



Jellycat 的 Amuseable Toast 包簡直太可愛了。 有沒有比這更可愛的包包了? 我們認為這極不可能。 但是,這就是我們正在談論的 Jellycat。 父母用崇敬的口吻談論的品牌,其玩具似乎直擊孩子的心。 而我們這裡的黃油朋友正好適合 - 非常適合作為學校和遊戲時間的伴侶。

Guys, the Amuseable Toast bag from Jellycat is almost too cute. Has any bag ever actually been cuter? We think it highly unlikely. But, then, this is Jellycat we’re talking about. The brand that is spoken of in reverent tones by parents, and whose toys seem to have a direct line to childrens’ hearts. And our buttered friend over here fits right in – ideal as a school and playtime companion.


尺寸: 19 x 16 厘米
製造國: 印尼
材質/成分: 聚酯纖維

Dimensions: 19 x 16 cm
Country of Manufacture: Indonesia
Material / Components: Polyester