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Letter set - Wild Cats & Flowers


These gorgeous and luxurious letter box set from Paul & Joe makes even a small thank you message looks warmth and classy.
- Set includes: 2 letter paper designs x 10 each
- 2 envelope designs x 5 each
- 1 sheet of sticker (2 kinds x 5 each)
- Packaged in a PP bag

Size : H17 x W24 x D2.5 cm

Paul & Joe設計這些華麗而豪華的信件,令到即使是一封小小的感謝信件看起來都溫暖而優雅。
2個信紙設計 x 10個
2個信封設計 x 5個
1張貼紙(每2款 x 5個)

尺寸:H17 x W24 x D2.5 厘米