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促銷 | Little Miss Princess Candle

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聞起來很香! 用這款來自 Mr. Men & Little Miss 的美味香薰蠟燭為您的家增添甜美和蜜餞的香氣。Roger Hargreaves 著名的 Little Miss Chatterbox 人物插圖閃耀在粉紅色錫罐的蓋子上,而“如果皇冠適合戴上它”的字樣 印在底座上。空氣中瀰漫著棉花糖的香味,充滿糖果的樂趣。


Sweet smelling! Add a sweet and candied aroma into your home with this delicious scented candle from Mr. Men & Little Miss. The recognisable Little Miss Chatterbox character illustration by Roger Hargreaves shines on the lid of the pink tin while the words 'If the crown fits wear it' are printed on the base. The scent of marshmallow fills the air, full of candy fun.


尺寸:  6.6 x 6.6 x 5 厘米


Dimensions: 6.6 x 6.6 x 5 cm