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Happy Jackson

Mini Notebook Set Of 3


Write down any thoughts, doodles, poems, lists, or anything else you can think of in this set of three mini notebooks, each notebook features a distinctive colour and a funny remark on the front. They read: "Yay", "thinky thoughts" and "I love lists".
Small enough to carry around in a bag or pocket, they are perfect for writing on the go. Two of the notebooks contain lined paper, and the pink one contains plain paper. 
Size : 12.5 x 9 x 11 cm
Pages : 48 (approx.)

在這套三個迷你筆記簿中記下任何想法、塗鴉、詩歌、清單或其他任何你能想到的東西。每款筆記簿都擁有Happy Jackson的有趣設計,在前面有鮮明的色彩和有趣的評論,分別是:I love lists.、Thinky thoughts、Yay! 
尺寸:12.5 x 9 x 11  (厘米)