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 PN Essence PN精華液



The most advanced beauty lotion, advanced P.N. essence, Contains 97% beauty ingredients.


Visage裹有 [滲透] [活動] [熱量],因為它是有效的,所以可以組合使用以增加新陳代謝、激活皮膚細胞並允許美容成分滲透到真皮層。LUXCEAR的魅力可在短短10分鐘內提供全面的美容級護理。

Visage wrapped with [penetration] [activity] [calories]. Because it is effective, it can be used in combination to increase metabolism, activate skin cells and allow beauty ingredients to penetrate into the dermis. The charm of LUXCEAR can provide comprehensive beauty-level treatment in just 10 minutes.


使用方法 Instructions 

  • 應用高級P.N精華 
    Apply advanced P.N essence

  • 在上面塗抹特殊的凝膠,然後用Visage護理10分鐘 
    Apply a special gel on top, and then use Visage to treat for 10 minutes

  • 使用後,無需沖洗即可將凝膠塗抹在皮膚上。
    After use, the gel can be applied to the skin without rinsing.