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Touchscreen Slim Pen | Splendour


Put pen to paper with this stylish rose gold Touchscreen Pen from Ted Baker. The slim, twist-style ballpoint pen writes in black ink and doubles up as a touchscreen stylus, complete with a Splendour print zipped case and branded pen clip.

This statement stationery piece is ideal for taking with you on-the-go to take notes, write lists and jot down ideas. Comes with beautiful box packaging.


這款時尚的Ted Baker玫瑰金螢幕觸控筆能幫你在紙上和螢幕上書寫。它是旋轉式的圓珠筆採用黑色墨水書寫,配有一個精美的Splendor印花拉鍊筆袋。

這款文具非常適合隨身攜帶,記筆記、寫清單和記下想法。以Ted Baker的禮盒包裝。


Box size 包裝尺寸: 175 x 65 x 35mm
Dimensions 產品尺寸: 35 × 66 × 175 mm