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Happy Jackson

Travel Mug Wakey Wakey


Find it hard to get up in the morning? Have a colourful start to the day and put your favourite hot beverage in this bright blue cheerful travel mug.
This Happy Jackson travel mug is made of a thick hardwearing and durable plastic that is also insulated to keep your drink warm in the mornings.
Comes with a removable yellow lid with a drinking hole in the top.
The words "WAKEY WAKEY!" with a sun illustration will brighten anyone's morning!
Unfortunately due to the materials used this mug is not dishwasher or microwave friendly.
Can contain up to 414ml of liquid

Size : D9.5 x H14.4 (cm)


這款Happy Jackson旅行杯採用厚實耐磨且耐用的塑料製成,並且隔熱保溫,讓您的飲料在早晨保持溫暖。配有可拆卸的黃色蓋子,頂部有一個飲水孔,而杯中最多可含414ml液體。

“WAKEY WAKEY!” 用太陽插圖會讓任何人早晨變亮!


尺寸:D9.5 x H14.4 (厘米)