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Premium Fountain Pen | Grey Spinel


Satisfy the mind of any seasoned creative with this spectacular addition to the Ted Baker Premium Pen range, offering an unprecedented delve into the luxury of writing tools and reinstating the art of using a fountain pen.

This fountain pen offers high class with a touch of designer magic. The pen itself offers a sleek design, with cylindrical bottom leading smoothly into a hexagonally shaped pen lid, topped with the signature Ted Baker logo upon a bold gold backing.

The writing element of the pen is revealed in a beautifully unique way, as the bottom half of the pen unscrews to reveal a luxurious gold plating, flowing from base into nib of the pen. The nib is made from a hardened iridium metal, meaning durability is at the forefront of its use, and once combined with the golden colouring, creates that true sense of elegance whilst writing.

Allow the expression of true creativity in absolutely anyone, in the most luxurious of means with this Ted Baker Grey Spinel Premium Fountain Pen, the most beautiful writing tool to inspire, create and imagine with. This fountain pen would make a sentimental gift for birthdays and Christmas whilst also for a graduation, retirement or leaving gift or as a heartfelt token of love for a student going off to university.


Ted Baker Premium Pen系列能滿足任何創意的思想,為書寫工具提供前所未有的豪華和鋼筆的藝術。

這支鋼筆有著高級、時尚的設計。圓柱形底部能夠平滑地進入六角形筆蓋,頂部的金色背襯飾有Ted Baker的標誌。


這款Ted Baker的灰色尖晶石高級鋼筆是最精美的書寫工具,令任何人都可以表達真正的創造力。這支鋼筆是一份很好的生日或聖誕禮物,也適合畢業或退休送的禮物。


Size 尺寸19 x 5.8 x 2.5 cm