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//HONG KONG Free Shipping over $500 / MACAU Free Shipping over $1,000 / TAIWAN Free Shipping over $1,500 //



  1. 當訂單確認後,本公司會盡快寄出產品 (通常確認訂單後2-3日寄出產品。如遇上公眾假期,將稍為延遲,敬請原諒)
  2. 訂單寄出後,所有資料均不能修改。
  3. 如產品為易碎品,本公司會提供額外包裝以保安全。如在運送過程中產品不幸受損,請與送貨公司聯絡。
  4. 為免出現貨品寄失,本公司所有寄出貨品均以速遞或掛號 (或易送遞方式寄出。所有貨品運送過程中均包含一個可追縱的單號,以確保客人訂單的安全。
  5. 為免錯收運費,所有速遞運費均以到付方式付款,免運費訂單除外。
  6. 詳情收費請參閱順豐網站香港國際特惠服務價目表(寄付)


    香港(本地) 順豐速運 SF Express
    $1 - 499 HKD $30 起
    $500 或以上 免運費

    澳門 順豐速運 SF Express
    $1 - 999 HKD $34 起
    $1,000 或以上 免運費

    台灣 順豐速運 SF Express
    $1 - 1,499 HKD $40 起
    $1,500 或以上 免運費





    1. When the order is confirmed, we will send the product as soon as possible (usually send the product 2-3 days after the order is confirmed. If there is a public holiday, it will be slightly delayed, please forgive).
    2. All information cannot be changed after the order is sent.
    3. If the product is fragile, we will provide additional packaging to ensure safety. If the product is unfortunately damaged during shipment, please contact the delivery company.
    4. In order to avoid the loss of goods, all the shipping items of the company are sent by express or registered (or Smart Post). All shipment has a tracking number, customers can track their order to ensure the safety.
    5. In order to avoid the wrong shipping charges, all courier shipping charges are paid by way of payment, except for free shipping orders.
    6. Please refer to SF Express website: Hong Kong SF Speedy Express and International Standard Express Service Rate (Sender Paid)



      Hong Kong (Local) SF Express
      $1 - 499 HKD $30 or above
      $500 or above Free Shipping

      Macau SF Express
      $1 - 999 HKD $34 or above
      $1,000 or above
      Free Shipping

      Taiwan SF Express
      $1 - 1,499 HKD $40 or above
      $1,500 or above Free Shipping


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