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//HONG KONG Free Shipping over $500 / MACAU Free Shipping over $1,000 / TAIWAN Free Shipping over $1,500 //






  1. 填寫退貨表格,並依據表格內容填寫有關資料
  2. 把貨品連同所有包裝 (如紙盒及配件) 及已填寫的表格安全密封
  3. 選擇親身前往總店/分店進行退貨 (不提供即時換貨) 或以任何物流公司把貨品退到辦公室

退貨地址: 香港銅鑼灣軒尼詩道禮頓道9-11號合誠大廈14



  1. 收到的貨品與訂購貨品不相符或收到的貨品已損壞



  1. 無包裝盒、標牌、及貨品內容有缺 (退還時必須與收貨時所有配件及包裝一致)
  2. 客人個人的原因,例如買錯貨,買錯顏色及個人不適用等
  3. 經客人修改過及使用後出現的受損貨品
  4. 收貨後超過30天或以上的貨品
  5. 部分已標明不提供退貨服務的貨品



    1. 貨品已損壞及不相符:
      閣下必須拍下有關貨品照片及電郵到,待我們確認後方可寄出 (連同運費收據) 或前往本辦公室進行退貨,我們會於收到退貨後的7個工作天以銀行過數形式退回。貨品如在退貨其間有損壞或遺失,Monoyono恕不負責。



    我們會盡力為閣下提供因退貨而更換新的貨品,但有時因供應有限而無法提供,我們一律於收到退貨後7個工作天內以銀行過數形式退還有關客人購買時的款項 (Paypal付款除外)



    We are committed to providing you with a pleasant online shopping experience. If you find a problem after receiving the products, you can return it within 30 days after receiving the goods.



    1. Fill in the relevant information according to the return form. 
    2. Securely seal the products together with all packaging (e.g. cartons and accessories) and completed forms.
    3. Customers can go to the head office/our store for return (no immediate replacement), or return the products to the office with any delivery company.

      Return Address: 14/F, Honest Building, 9-11 Leighton Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


      Returnable Products

      1. The products received do not match the order, or the products received are damaged.


        Non-returnable Products

        1. No package box, price tag, or item content is missing (return must be the same as all accessories and packaging at the time of receipt).
        2. Personal reasons, such as buying the wrong goods, wrong color, and personal not applicable, etc.
        3. Damaged products that have been modified and used by the customers.
        4. Products that received more than 30 days or above.
        5. Some items that have been marked for no return service.


          Freight and Time Incurred for Return

          1. The products are damaged/do not match:
            You must take photos of the items and email to, please send us (with shipping receipt) after our confirmation, or go to our office to return. We will transfer the refund through the bank within 7 working days after receiving the return. Monoyono is not responsible if there is any damage or loss of the products during the shipment.


            Out of Stock and Refund When Returning Products

            We will try our best to provide you with new items for return, but sometimes it is not available due to limited supply. We will refund the amount of the purchase to customers through the bank within 7 working days after receiving the return (except Paypal).