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促銷 | ESEMBLĒ | Bell Shoulder Bag

HK$799.50 HK$1,599.00
Canvas & Black


Bell 單肩包的靈感來自參觀露天跳蚤市場,是我們對複古造型的現代詮釋。 翻蓋內添加了“Chase Rainbows”的金色浮雕——我們對勵志海報的看法。 還有一個由小羊皮製成的可拆卸小袋,可讓您的包保持井井有條,或者將其取下以連接鑰匙。 演繹著名的莎士比亞名言“世界是你的牡蠣”,牡蠣形狀的飾物捕捉了 ESEMBLĒ 的精神。

Inspired by visits to open-air flea markets, the Bell Shoulder Bag is our modern take on vintage shapes. A gold emboss of “Chase Rainbows” is added inside the flap---our take on a motivational poster. There's also a detachable pouch made of lambskin to keep your bag organised, or remove it to attach your keys instead. A play on the famous Shakespearean quote, "The world is your oyster", the oyster-shaped charm captures the spirit of ESEMBLĒ.



尺寸: 19.5 x 19 x 12 厘米

材質/成分: 牛皮

包裝: 獨立包裝


Dimensions: 19.5 x 19 x 12 cm 

Material / Component: Cow Leather

Package: Individual Packaging