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促銷 | ESEMBLĒ | Big Lila Fan Tote | Caramel & Almond

HK$890 HK$1,780


Lila 扇形手提包注定會成為您的新寵。 它由柔軟的皮革製成,重量輕、空間大,但又不笨重,精緻的廓形讓每件裝扮都煥然一新。 手柄附近的磁扣保持包的形狀完整,但也可以輕鬆打開和關閉包。

The Lila fan-shaped tote is destined to be your new favorite go-to bag. Made of supple leather, it’s lightweight and roomy yet not bulky, with a sophisticated silhouette that elevates every outfit. The magnetic closure near the handle keeps the bag shape intact, but also allows it bag to be opened and closed without much fuss. 



尺寸: 55 x 51厘米

材質/成分: 皮革

包裝: 獨立包裝


Dimensions: 55 x 51 cm 

Material / Component: Leather

Package: Individual Packaging