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促銷 | ESEMBLĒ | Penny Mini Carryall | Almond

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在您從早到晚外出的日子裡,我們的 Penny Mini Carryall 將是您的最佳伴侶。 寬肩帶即使在裝滿一整天都離不開的物品時也能帶來舒適感。 這款寬敞的包採用細長造型設計,可容納長錢包、太陽鏡和化妝品。 隱藏在後袋中的“Breathe Joy”金色浮雕會提醒您優雅地生活。

On the days where you have a morning to night outing, our Penny Mini Carryall will be your best companion. A wide strap allows comfort even when you fill the brim full of items you can't go on a full day without. Designed with an elongated shape, the spacious bag can fit a long wallet, sunglasses and makeup. A gold emboss of “Breathe Joy” hidden in the back pocket will remind you to live graciously.



尺寸: 22 x 12.5 x 8 厘米

材質/成分: 牛皮

包裝: 獨立包裝


Dimensions: 22 x 12.5 x 8 cm

Material / Component: Cow Leather

Package: Individual Packaging