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促銷 | Garden Hori Hori Knife

HK$245 HK$490


使用 Gentlemen's Hardware 的這款 Hori Hori 刀,將花園中多任務處理的終極工具帶回家。 雙面不銹鋼刀片彎曲,有助於挖掘。 使用我們的園藝刀,使用直邊切割和鋸齒狀邊緣輕鬆鋸斷根部。 使用尖頭在土壤中製作種子槽,尺子標記確保種植到正確的間距和深度。


Take home the ultimate tool for multi-tasking in the garden with this Hori Hori Knife from Gentlemen’s Hardware. The dual-sided stainless-steel blade is curved to aid with digging. Use the straight edge for cutting and the serrated edge for sawing through roots with ease using our gardening knife. Use the sharp point to make seed troughs in the soil and the ruler markings ensure planting to the right spacing and depth.