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促銷 | Build Your Own Kaleidoscope

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使用這款令人驚嘆的萬花筒套件創建您自己的通往另一個世界的門戶。 用彩色寶石、鈕扣、花瓣或亮片填充房間,以獲得不同的視覺效果。

套件包含 1 個目鏡、2 個硬紙管、3 個鏡條、5 個部分的萬花筒室、3 個塑料鏡片、1 包彩色寶石和說明。


Create your own portal to another world with this amazing kaleidoscope kit. Fill the chamber with coloured gems, buttons, petals or sequins for different visual effects.

Kit contains 1 eye piece, 2 cardboard tubes, 3 mirrored strips, 5 part kaleidoscopic chamber, 3 plastic lenses, 1 packet of coloured gems and instructions.



包裝盒尺寸: 24 x 6 x 6 厘米



Package Dimensions: 24 x 6 x 6 cm