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Collar Stiffeners | Ash Grey



使用 Ted Baker 的這套三對不銹鋼衣領撐片,將小巧玲瓏提升到一個新的水平。 專為打造最鋒利的衣領而設計,是送給您認識的任何男士的完美禮物,他應該得到一份精美的禮物。

該套裝採用精美的品牌包裝盒,灰色背景上印有花卉圖案。 衣領存放在 Ted 灰灰色印花的柔軟人造皮革盒子中。 盒子的內襯是藍綠色,內襯上印有“Well Turned Out”字樣。

非常適合您可能認識的任何人; 可以是父親、兄弟或男朋友,是父親節或聖誕節的理想生日禮物。


Take dapper to the next level with this set of three pairs of stainless steel collar stiffeners from Ted Baker. Designed to create the sharpest collars around, they are the perfect gift for any man you may know who deserves a brilliant gift.

This set comes in a beautiful branded box, with a flower print set on a grey background. The collars are stored in a soft faux-leather box in Ted’s Ash Grey print. The inner lining of the box is a teal colour, with the words ‘Well Turned Out’ printed on the lining.

Perfect for any man you may know; could be fathers, brothers, or boyfriends, ideal as a birthday gift, for Father's Day or Christmas.



產品尺寸: 6.5 厘米



Item Dimensions: 6.5 cm