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Colour-block Stainless Steel Water Bottle | Pink | 425ml



喜歡保持健康和水分? 那麼,Ted Baker為你準備了水瓶。 這件作品由不銹鋼製成,不僅天然不含 BPA 和無毒(即對您更好),它還是一次性塑料瓶的可持續替代品,對環境也更好。 它採用時尚的色塊設計,融入您的個人風格,讓您的日常 H2O 目標變得更加有趣。 它亦能將您喜愛的飲料冷藏 24 小時,熱飲 12 小時。


Love staying healthy and hydrated? Well, then Ted Baker has the water bottle for you. Made from stainless steel, this piece is not only naturally BPA and toxin-free (i.e. better for you), it’s also a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bottles, making it much better for the environment, too. Imagined in a sleek colour-block design, it taps into your personal style and makes hitting your daily H2O target a lot more fun. It also can keep your favourite beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.



容量: 425ml

材質/成份: 不銹鋼

其他: 只可手洗


Capacity: 425ml

Material/Component: Stainless Steel

Others: Only hand wash