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Dog Pet Toy | Maple leaves | 正價



Best Ever 獨特而詼諧的寵物玩具! 該系列自推出以來一直很受歡迎。 
這是「Thin&Chewy」系列,刻意沒有填充物,以便更容易咀嚼,並以毛氈襯裡作為內襯。 它還配有一個零食袋,因此如果您在裡面放一些小零食,您的狗會很高興咀嚼它! 這款可愛的葉子系列寵物玩具還可以容納零食。

Best Ever's unique and witty pet toys! This series has been very popular ever since its release. 
This is the "Thin&Chewy" series, which is intentionally made without padding to make it easier to chew, and is finished with a felt liner as an inner lining. It also comes with a treat pocket, so if you put a small treat inside, your dogs will be delighted to chew it! This cute leaf series pet toy can also hold treats. Monstera, maple, and ginkgo are available!

尺寸楓木:23公分(長)X 19公分(寬)X 1公分(厚)
材質/成分: 聚酯纖維

Dimensions Maple: 23 cm (length) X 19 cm (width) X 1 cm (thickness)
Material / Components: Polyester