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Dog Pet Toy | Pineapple | 正價



顏色新鮮的鳳梨。 扁平的形狀很容易咀嚼,而且在照片上看起來也很棒,所以一定要在社交網站上分享! 它也非常適合投擲和玩耍。
當您握住或咀嚼它時,它會發出有趣的嘎吱聲或吱吱聲,這會讓您的狗感到高興。 也建議在生日等特殊場合作為狗狗的禮物。

The fresh color pineapple. The flat shape makes it easy to chew, and it looks great in photos, so be sure to share it on social networking sites! It is also perfect for throwing and bringing to play.
When you hold or chew it, it makes a fun crunching or squeaking sound, which will delight your dog. It is also recommended as a present for dogs on special occasions such as birthdays.

尺寸: 18 x 10 x 3 厘米
材質/成分: 聚酯纖維

Dimensions: 18 x 10 x 3  cm
Material / Components: Polyester