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Dog Pet Toy | Sun | 正價



這是“Thin&Chewy”系列,為了更容易咀嚼,特意不使用填充物,並使用毛氈襯裡作為內襯。 它還帶有一個零食袋,所以如果你在裡面放一個小零食,你的狗會很高興咀嚼它! 這個可愛的天氣系列太陽寵物玩具也可以用來裝零食。

This is the "Thin&Chewy" series, which is intentionally made without padding to make it easier to chew, and is finished with a felt liner as an inner lining. It also comes with a treat pocket, so if you put a small treat inside, your dogs will be delighted to chew on it! This cute weather series sun pet toy can also be used to hold treats.
Both sides are made of different materials and have different expressions, making it a fun toy for both dogs and owners.


產品尺寸: 18  X 18 X 2.5 厘米

材質/成份: 滌綸


Item Dimensions: 18  X 18 X 2.5 cm

Material/Component: Polyester