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Dog Pet Toy | Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur | 正價



Best Ever 獨特而詼諧的寵物玩具! 該系列自發布以來就非常受歡迎。 這是一款霸王龍造型的毛絨玩具。 它是雙色的,玩具比較薄,很容易讓狗咀嚼。 它也非常適合投擲和攜帶。 當您握住或咀嚼玩具時,它會發出有趣的嘎吱聲或吱吱聲,一定會讓您的狗高興。

Best Ever's unique and witty pet toys! This series has been very popular ever since its release. This is a Tyrannosaurus-shaped plush toy. It is bi-colored,  The toy is relatively thin, making it easy for dogs to chew. It is also perfect for throwing and bringing to play. When you hold or chew the toy, it makes a fun crunching or squeaking sound, which is sure to please your dog.



產品尺寸: 18  X 22 X 3 厘米

材質/成份: 滌綸


Item Dimensions: 18  X 22 X 3 cm

Material/Component: Polyester