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環保餐具套裝 The Eco-chic Essentials



  • 湯匙、筷子及叉子 三件式組合
  • 採用天然穀殼纖維,比全塑物料更易降解
  • 加入竹纖維研發,輕巧耐用
  • -20°C至100°C ,耐冷耐溫
  • 不含重金屬,優質安全
  • 簡約流線收納盒,小巧便攜

An eco-friendly cutlery set made from natural chaff and bamboo fiber, equipped with a spoon, chopsticks, and fork. It is practical, lightweight, and a must-have combination for foodies to carry around. You can check in and enjoy delicious food anytime, anywhere, while practicing a plastic-reducing and sustainable lifestyle.

  • Three-piece set of spoon, chopsticks, and fork
  • Made with natural chaff fiber, more easily degradable than full plastic materials
  • With bamboo fiber, lightweight and durable
  • -20°C to 100°C, cold and heat-resistant
  • Free of heavy metals, making it a premium and safe choice for use
  • Minimalistic and portable storage box design


產品尺寸: W18 x L4.3 x Thk 2.5 (cm) 


- 此餐具不適合六歲以下的兒童使用,請在成人指導下使用。
- 此產品使用穀殼製成,每件產品的外觀可能會有差異,這並不是品質問題。
- 取出產品時,可能會有獨特的味道,實屬正常,味道會隨時間流逝而減弱。
- 請使用中性清潔劑進行清洗,並用清水徹底沖洗。清洗過程中請使用非研磨性海棉清洗,以免刮損。
- 請勿使用洗碗機清洗、煮沸消毒、烘乾機烘乾或高溫消毒,避免造成產品損壞。
- 清洗完後請用柔軟的布抹乾或自然風乾。
- 此產品的氣味和顏色會隨擺放不同食材而有所改變。
- 請勿放置明火、高溫環境,避免造成產品變形或損壞。
- 此產品不適用於微波爐、焗爐。



Dimensions: W18 x L4.3 x Thk 2.5 (cm) 


- This tableware is not suitable for children under six years old. Please use it under adult supervision.
- This product is made from natural chaff fiber, so the appearance of each product may vary, which is not a quality issue.
- When unpacking the product, there may be a unique smell, which is normal and will fade over time.
- Please use a neutral detergent for cleaning, and rinse thoroughly with clean water.  During the cleaning process, use a non-abrasive sponge to avoid scratching.
- Do not use a dishwasher, boil for sterilization, dryer, or high-temperature sterilization to avoid product damage.
- After cleaning, dry with a soft cloth or air dry.
- The smell and color of this product may change depending on the ingredients placed in it.
- Do not place it near open flames or high-temperature environments to avoid deformation or damage to the product.
- This product is not suitable for microwave or oven use.