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Garden Fork and Trowel | 2Pcs Set



叉子和鏝刀套裝包括您在翻盆、抹平和種植時可能需要的所有花園工具,使其成為您生活中園丁的理想禮物套裝。 使用這款園丁工具集輕鬆完成園藝任務。 不銹鋼園藝工具防銹且易於清潔。 手抹子和叉子上的曲柄頸部將在培養高架床或陽台花園時保護您的指關節。


The Fork and Trowel Set includes all the tools for the garden that you could need for repotting, troweling, and planting making it an ideal gift set for the gardener in your life. Make light work of gardening tasks with this gardeners tool set. The stainless steel gardening tools are rust-resistant and easy to clean. The cranked neck on the hand trowel and fork will protect your knuckles while cultivating your raised beds or balcony gardens.



產品尺寸: 前叉 - 3.14” W x 12.2” H x 0.38” D
                 抹刀 - 3.14” W x 13” H x 0.48” D

材質/成份: 不銹鋼和櫸木


Item Dimensions: Fork - 3.14” W x 12.2” H x 0.38” D
                            Trowel - 3.14” W x 13” H x 0.48” D

Material/Component: Stainless steel & beechwood