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HASAMI Ware | Japan Ramen Bowl | 正價

Light Blue
Light Purple
Light Red


這是一碗波佐見燒,以其時尚的器皿而聞名。 這是方便麵的完美尺寸。 當然,它也是烏冬面、沙拉球和燉碗的理想選擇。
斯堪的納維亞圖案大麗花的設計大膽變形為簡單的造型,使餐桌休閒又時尚。 這些畫作是由經驗豐富的女性工作人員一一手工完成的。 因此,它可能與照片略有不同。

It is a bowl of Hasami ware that is famous for its fashionable vessels. It is the perfect size for instant noodles. Of course, it is also ideal for udon noodles, salad balls, and simmered bowls.
The design of the Dahlia, a Scandinavian pattern that is boldly deformed into a simple shape, makes the dining table casual and fashionable. The paintings are hand-finished one by one by sophisticated female staff. Therefore, it may be slightly different from the photo.

尺寸: 17 x 6.8 厘米

製造國: 日本
材質/成分: 瓷器

Dimensions: 17 x 6.8 cm

Country of Manufacture: Japan
Material / Component: Porcelain