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ion-Wallet | Brown Woven



因應疫情,PAPERY把抗菌元素注入產品,貼心地研製出ionTEX銀離子抗菌物料 — 採用了SILVADUR™️ 930 FLEX銀離子抗菌科技導入的裡布,具有長效除臭抗菌功能達99.9%,無縫結合環保的素皮革(洗水牛皮紙)作外層。無論內外層物料及抗菌科技皆通過多個國際抗菌、環保及對人體安全認證 (EPA、BPD、OEKO-TEX、Blue sign、JIS等),大家在疫情下也能安心使用。

ionWallet 體積輕巧,適合存放日常最容易沾到細菌的紙鈔、名片、證件及各種付款卡等。



In light of the COVID situation, PAPERY is proud to introduce products armored with antibacterial function. The ionWallet is made with Papery’s proprietary ionTEX – an eco-friendly washable kraft paper laminated with RPET fabric (made from recycled plastic bottles) infused with SILVADUR™ 930 Flex silver ion that kills 99.9% viruses and bacteria. All these materials have met international certification standards in antibacterial, environmental protection and safety (EPA, BPD, OEKO-TEX, Blue sign, and JIS etc).

Where style meets functionality, PAPERY’s ionWallet is a multi-function accessory that keeps your personal belongings stylishly organized and virus free!



• 獨創ionTEX抗菌環保機能布材,疫情下亦能安心使用
• 水洗牛皮紙層,耐水環保
• 隔層設計讓袋內空間規劃秩序井然



 ionWallet Silver Ion Antibacterial Wallet Features:

• The original ionTEX antibacterial and environmentally friendly functional fabric can       be used with peace of mind during the epidemic
• Washed kraft paper layer, water resistant and environmentally friendly
• Compartment design keeps the space inside the bag in order