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Jellycat Amuseables

Jellycat Amuseables | Jolly Gingerbread Ruby Large Soft Toy | 33cm | 正價



充滿歡樂的毛絨小包Jellycat 的可愛作品。 從農場朋友和叢林跑步者到笑臉水果和蔬菜,每個角色都充滿個性,為準備玩耍的泰迪熊陣容增添了一雙明亮的眼睛。 坐在桌子上,依偎在嬰兒床上,或者跟隨今天的冒險,這張友好的面孔無疑是最好的朋友。產品以姜餅設計,加入刺繡特徵,整版同色系縫線。

Jellycat’s cuddly creations are plush little bundles of joy. From farmyard friends and jungle runners to smiley fruits and vegetables, each character is packed with personality and makes for a bright-eyed addition to line-ups of play-ready teddies. Perched on the desk, snuggled up in the crib or tagging along on today’s adventures, this friendly face is certainly best friend material. Gingerbread design, embroidered features, all-over tonal stitching.

尺寸: 高33厘米
製造國: 印尼
材質/成分: 100% 聚酯纖維

Dimensions: Height 33 cm
Country of Manufacture: Indonesia
Material / Components: 100% polyester
Reminder: Hand wash