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Wakomon | Glass Box Set | 正價



自江戶時代即開始使用在物件或布料的和風小紋,每個花紋都有著祝福的吉祥預意。石塚硝子年度新品 – 和小紋系列,在霧面結晶玻璃產以華麗的燙金呈現和式和風小紋,經典而優雅。



麻葉:代表 快速成長
矢絣:代表 永結良緣
雪輪:代表 豐收富饒
垂櫻:代表 永遠幸福

Japanese-style patterns have been used on objects and fabrics since the Edo period, and each pattern has an auspicious foreshadowing of blessings. Ishizuka Glass’s new product of the year – the Hexiaowen series, with gorgeous bronzing on the matte crystal glass, showing the Japanese-style Japanese pattern, classic and elegant. This cup shape can be used as a wine glass or a drinking glass, and it is a practical cup shape that can be used every day. This is an elegant collection in which the golden glass pattern is used to showcase a small pattern that has been used as a pattern in Japan and other products such as kimonos and towels since the Edo period. Each small pattern has an auspicious meaning, and making it into a repeating pattern represents eternal peace. Hemp leaves: represents rapid growth Ya Kasashi: Represents a good relationship forever Snow Wheel: Represents a bountiful harvest Weeping Cherry: Represents eternal happiness


尺寸: 直徑7.8 x 8.3厘米 

容量: 210 毫升

製造國: 日本

材質/成份: 玻璃

包裝: 單盒


Dimensions: Dia7.8 x 8.3cm 

Volume: 210 ml

Country of Manufacturer: Japan 

Material/Component: Glass

Package: Individual pack