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M.Craftsman | Yoggle-Chain | Rose Gold Snake

Yo Snake Chain(108cm)-18K RG


 將您的手機戴在鍊子上,既實用又優雅——Yoggle 鍊子。



Wear your phone on a chain, functional and styled elegantly —Yoggle Chain.

Snake chain is skin hugging and luxurious, paired with a radiant metallic material adds a bit of grace to any outfit.
Rose Gold, Carbon Black and Snow Sliver to choose from.

Rose Gold Snake: Snake chain echoing the subtle gold metallic texture to inspire daily mix-and-match.




Yoggle Chain需與 PhoneLock Pro配對使用,採用優質材料製成,設計用於高耐用性。PhoneLock Pro是一款創新的 T 形可旋轉球形連接器,採用不銹鋼製成的先進旋轉鎖定機構。確保無縫性能能夠滿足日常使用的需求。


每種款式的 Yoggle 鏈都有 2 種尺寸:

S 尺寸:適用於 1.64 M 身高或以下

M尺寸:  1.58 M 身高或以上

 Yoggle Chain整套包括:- 1x 長織繩 (兩個長度可選 Size M or S)
- 1x PhoneLock Pro2
- 1x Y Tube


Yoggle Chain is now paired with PhoneLock Pro, made with high quality materials and designed for high durability. PhoneLock Pro is an innovative T-shape rotatable ball connector, with an advanced turn-and-lock mechanism made with stainless steel.Ensure seamless performance to withstand the demands of daily usage.

Our new inventive design is adaptable to almost all phone types—as long as there’s a phone case. 

Every style of Yoggle Chain comes with 2 sizes:

S Size: for 1.64M height or below

M Size: for 1.58M height or above

 Yoggle Chain complete set includes:- 1x long braided rope (two lengths available in Size M or S)
- 1x PhoneLock Pro2
- 1x Y Tube