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M.Craftsman | Yoggle Click | The Fleming | Pacific Blue

Yoggle Click-PB


與 Yoggle 系列的其他產品一樣,Yoggle Click也適用於任何手機殼,採用全新的連接器設計和簡單的使用機制,以及更纖細的可調式肩帶,只需輕輕一按即可輕鬆、有趣地進行日常混搭!

Yoggle Click全新的連接器 PhoneLock Click採用不銹鋼材質,可增強耐用性和頂級性能,防止日常使用中的磨損,適合任何場合、服裝和心情,是追求時尚的人士的明智、安全和無憂的方式。



Like the rest of its Yoggle family, Yoggle Click also works with any phone case, with the fresh new connector design and simple to use mechanism, together with a slimmer adjustable strap for easy, playful daily mix-and-match in just one click!

Yoggle Click is now paired with the new connector PhoneLock Click, using stainless steel for enhanced durability and top performance against the wear and tear of daily use. The fresh new invention is lighter in weight as well as feel with its elegant design.

Each Yoggle strap was woven with the great care using top quality threads to create unique shades of colours.

Ingenious new design works with any phone case that has a small charging hole.



長度:105厘米至 150 厘米之間調節

Yoggle Click Hand 包裝中包含 1 條長肩帶及1個 PhoneLock Click


Length: Adjustable between 105cm and 150cm

Inside a pack of yoggle click includes 1x Short Strap and 1x PhoneLock Click