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M.Craftsman | Yoggle Exchange | The Chaplin | Golden Black

Yo Exchange Set(105cm)-Golden Black


Yoggle Pro2、Yoggle Hand 和 Yoggle ExChange 的錶帶現在可以互換,這意味著您可以將 Yoggle Y-Tube 與長斜挎 Yoggle Change 錶帶連接起來。

只需鬆開和擰緊螺旋扭轉機構,即可更換連接到 Y 型管接頭的帶子。

獲得 Yoggle Hand 後,您可以將其作為腕帶佩戴,或換成長斜挎肩帶 Yoggle Change 橫穿您的身體。


The strap of Yoggle Pro2, Yoggle Hand and Yoggle ExChange is now interchangeable, which means you can connect your Yoggle Y-Tube with the long crossbody Yoggle Change strap.

Simply change the strap connected to the Y-Tube connector by loosing and tightening the screw twist mechanism.

By getting a Yoggle Hand, you can wear it as a wrist phone strap, or across your body by changing to the long crossbody strap Yoggle Change.




3 種不同的長度,以滿足您的喜好和需要。
S 尺寸:長度為 105cm ,為 1.5M 至 1.64M 身高
M 尺寸:長度為 115cm ,適合 1.65M 至 1.77M 身高
L 尺寸:長度為 125cm ,適合1.78M 或以上的身高

Yoggle ExChange 整套包括:- 1x 長織繩 (兩個長度可選L:125cm/M: 115cm/ S: 105cm)
-1x 短織繩 (One Size 32cm)
- 1x PhoneLock Pro2
- 1x Y Tube



3 different lengths to fit your preference and need.

S Size: length 105cm for 1.5M to 1.64M height
M Size:length 115cm for 1.65M to 1.77M height
L Size: length 125cm for 1.78M height or above

Yoggle ExChange complete set includes:- 1x long braided rope (two lengths are optional L: 125cm/M: 115cm/ S: 105cm)
-1x short woven rope (One Size 32cm)
- 1x PhoneLock Pro2
- 1x Y Tube