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M.Craftsman | Yoggle Pro2 | The Connery | Red Blue



使用 Yoggle Pro2 以完美的方式攜帶您的智能手機。這款精心製作的手機配件也是一種時尚宣言。使用 Yoggle Pro2,您可以輕鬆更改其錶帶的顏色,它採用優質編織線製成,現在可以單獨購買。

Yoggle Pro2 是一種智能、安全且無憂的方式,適合有風格意識的人。

對原始 Yoggle 進行了令人興奮的升級,單獨的長肩帶 Yoggle Change 可單獨購買,與 Yoggle Pro2 無縫搭配,因此您可以更改肩帶顏色以適應您的衣櫥。

只需鬆開和擰緊螺旋扭轉機構即可更換連接到 Y 型管接頭的錶帶 - 瞧!達到完美的色彩匹配。


Carry your smart phone in perfect style with Yoggle Pro2. This masterfully crafted phone accessory is also a fashion statement .With Yoggle Pro2, you can easily change the colour of its strap, made with top quality woven thread and now available to purchase individually.
Yoggle Pro2 is the smart, safe and hassle-free way for the stylistically conscious.

An exciting upgrade from the original Yoggle, the individual long strap Yoggle Change is available for separate purchase to work seamlessly with Yoggle Pro2, so you can change the strap colour to work with your wardrobe.

Simply change the strap connected to the Y-Tube connector by loosing and tightening the screw twist mechanism - voila! colour-match perfection achieved.




3 種不同的長度,以滿足您的喜好和需要。
S 尺寸:長度為 105cm ,為 1.5M 至 1.64M 身高
M 尺寸:長度為 115cm ,適合 1.65M 至 1.77M 身高
L 尺寸:長度為 125cm ,適合1.78M 或以上的身高

Yoggle Pro2 整套包括:
- 1x 長織繩 (兩個長度可選 L:125cm/M: 115cm/ S: 105cm)
- 1x PhoneLock Pro2
- 1x Y Tube



3 different lengths to fit your preference and need.

S Size: length 105cm for 1.5M to 1.64M height
M Size:length 115cm for 1.65M to 1.77M height
L Size: length 125cm for 1.78M height or above

The Yoggle Pro2 package includes:
- 1x long woven rope (two lengths available L:125cm/M:115cm/S:105cm)
- 1x PhoneLock Pro2
- 1x Y Tube