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Medetaya | Tea Bowl Set | 正價




This product is full of many charms and is very popular not only among Japanese people, but also among people outside of Japan.
It is indeed Arita-yaki porcelain that has such a sense of luxury in its cuteness. From the fabric to the painting and firing, the artist is very personable. Just at a glance, there is a jumping sea bream and splashing water, a dynamic Mt. Fuji and clouds, a gourd with an arabesque pattern, and even the petals of a camellia are well-drawn. All of them are painted with such colorful paints and brushes.We have prepared a set as a pair in a blue box, perfect for gift-giving.


尺寸: 大號-12.5釐米,高6.8釐米,170克

重量: 大號-170克

製造國: 日本

材質/成分: 陶瓷


Dimensions: Large - 12.5cm, height 6.8cm
                      Small - 11.5 cm, height 6.5 cm
                     *Pack of 2 teacups (1 large and 1 small each)

Weight: Large - 170g
              Small - 110 g

Country of Manufacture: Japan

Material / Components: ceramics