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Paul & Joe

Pen case S - Daisy in the field


The beautiful Paul & Joe fashion brand has spread into all aspects of our daily life and this now includes our workspaces with this fabulous La Papeterie stationery range. Here's a Paul & Joe Daisy in the Field pen case printed on quality synthetic leather. Doubles up as a to-go cosmetic pouch or your knick knacks. Metal Zip charm comes embossed with Paul & Joe Logo.
Same print is available on Paul & Joe A5 notebooks and A4 Stationery pouch too.
Size : H8 x W20 x D3.5 cm
Material : quality synthetic leather

Paul & Joe中的Daisy in the Field系列的儲物袋是採用優質合成皮革印製的。
以白色為背景色散滿花為設計,拉鏈做開口,有金色壓紋Paul & Joe Logo小掛飾。作為一個化妝袋或筆袋都絕對適合。

尺寸:H8 x W20 x D3.5 厘米