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Premium Ballpoint Pen | Pink Quartz



Ted Baker 高級鋼筆系列的這一壯觀新品可滿足任何經驗豐富的創意人士的想法,前所未有地深入探索奢華的書寫工具,並恢復使用經典鋼筆的藝術。

這款圓珠筆具有高級感,帶有一絲設計師的魔力。 筆本身採用時尚設計,圓柱形末端平滑地通向六角形筆頂,在閃閃發光的金色背襯上飾有標誌性的 Ted Baker “T”標誌。

筆的書寫元素以一種非常簡單的方式顯露出來,因為筆的圓珠筆末端的扭曲顯示出一個銀色的尖端。 這款圓珠筆使用黑色墨水,使其成為簽署重要文件以及在學校、工作和其他地方考試的完美工具。

Satisfy the mind of any seasoned creative with this spectacular addition to the Ted Baker Premium Pen range, offering a unprecedented delve into the luxury of writing tools and reinstating the art of using a classic pen.

This ballpoint pen offers high class with a touch of designer magic. The pen itself offers a sleek design, with cylindrical end leading smoothly into a hexagonal shaped pen top, detailed with the signature Ted Baker ‘T’ logo upon a shimmering gold backing.

The writing element of the pen is revealed in a beautifully simple way, as a twist of the pens ballpoint end reveals a silver tipped tip. This ballpoint pen operates black ink, making it the perfect tool for signing important documents and throughout examinations at school, work and elsewhere.


尺寸: 19 x 5.5 x 2.5厘米

Dimensions: 19 x 5.5 x 2.5cm