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Portable Tote Bag | L size | 正價



使用超輕的防撕裂面料(將粗纖維以網格狀縫入面料以增加撕裂強度的面料),因此即使將其放入包中也要小心重量。 攜帶方便,強度高。 折疊後,它變成了一個緊湊的尺寸。

它是手持式或肩帶式 2WAY 規格,可根據您的心情製成束帶式。
Uses ultra-lightweight ripstop fabric (a fabric with thick fibers sewn into the fabric in a grid pattern to increase tear strength), so be careful about the weight even if you put it in your bag. It is easy to carry and has excellent strength. When folded, it becomes a compact size.

It is a handheld or shoulder strap 2WAY specification, and can be made into a drawstring type to suit your mood.
The M size is a convenient size for a little purchase at convenience stores, and the L size is ideal for bulk purchases at supermarkets because you can carry it with plenty.

尺寸: 58 x 19 x 40 厘米

Dimensions: 58 x 19 x 40 cm