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Water Bottle Thirst Extinguisher | Yellow and Black



Wild & Wolf 的 Glugg Thirst Extinguisher 水瓶。這款精美輕巧的不銹鋼瓶帶有食品安全塗層,以英國風格的黃色滅火器為模型,並帶有“口渴滅火器”字樣,帶有 Glugg 品牌標籤。 Wild and Wolf 水瓶設計輕巧且可重複使用,正迅速成為必需品。 這個時髦的黃色英式滅火器印花瓶在任何地方都很好看,但最好是裝滿解渴的液體、內置吸管、旅途中的理想之選、滅火器設計、不適合熱飲,易於擦拭。

Glugg Thirst Extinguisher Water Bottle by Wild & Wolf.  This wonderful, lightweight stainless steel bottle with food-safe coating is modeled as a British style Fire extinguisher in yellow, and reads 'Thirst Extinguisher', with branded Glugg tags. Designed to be lightweight and reusable, Wild and Wolf water bottles are fast becoming a necessity. This funky yellow British style Fire extinguisher printed bottle will look good anywhere, but best when its full of thirst-quenching liquids
Inbuilt straw, Ideal for on the go, Fire Extinguisher Design, Not suitable for hot drinks and Easily wipeable.



容量: 750 毫升


Volume: 750 ml