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AQUA PRO+TECH | Ear Wash for Pets | 100ml


AQUA PRO+TECH PETCARE寵物洗耳水,適用於清洗外耳傷口及發炎,並能保持潔淨殺菌,速效去除耳臘、耳垢及難聞異味等。經測試證實不刺激皮膚,護理液成分中的APT+超強離子™️能有效殺滅99.99%細菌病毒,並擁有強大的除臭殺菌及溶解油份功能,有助溶解耳臘及頑固耳垢,寵主可安心使用。

  • 中性溫和,不刺激皮膚
  • 不含有害化學物
  • 不含酒精、香料
  • 不含類固醇、抗生素

AQUA PRO+TECH PETCARE presents Ear Wash for Pets, specially designed for cleaning external ear wounds and inflammations, while maintaining cleanliness and sterilization, quickly removing earwax, ear discharge, and unpleasant odors. Tested and proven not to irritate the skin. It is tested and proven not to irritate the skin, and the exclusive active ingredient APT+ions™️ of AQUA PRO+TECH is proven to be effective in killing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, and possesses a strong function in deodorization, sterilization, and dissolving oils. This helps dissolve earwax and stubborn ear discharge. You can use it confidently on your lovely pets.

  • Neutral and gentle, non-irritating to the skin
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Alcohol-free, fragrance-free
  • Free from steroids, antibiotics


材質/成份: APT+超強離子™️


  1. 取適量的寵物洗耳水直接滴在耳朵或發炎位置並輕輕清潔
  2. 如遇頑固的耳垢/耳臘,可以將浸濕洗耳水的棉花覆蓋在耳垢上,保持10-20秒,有效加速溶解污垢,更易清潔
  3. 使用後無需用水再清洗,如使用後耳朵內較濕潤,可用乾紙巾輕輕抹乾,保持寵物耳朵乾爽


      • 產品只適用於寵物並僅限外用
      • 如寵物使用後不適,請停止使用並聯絡你的獸醫


      保存方法 : 請放置陰涼處,避免陽光直接照射。



      Material/Component: APT+ions™️

      How To Use:

      1. Take an appropriate amount of Ear Wash and directly instill it into the ear or onto the inflamed area, then gently clean.
      2. In the case of stubborn earwax, you can place a cotton pad soaked with Ear Wash over the earwax, leave it on for 10-20 seconds; this effectively accelerates dissolution of dirt, making cleaning easier.
      3. No need to rinse with water after use. If the inside of the ear is relatively moist after use, you can gently pat it dry with a dry tissue, keeping your pet’s ears dry.


      • This product is intended for use on pets only and for external use only.
      • If your pet experiences any discomfort after use, please discontinue and contact your veterinarian.

      Expiration: Recommend using before the specified expiry date.

      Storage: Store in a cool dry place, and away from direct sunlight